November 27, 2022
How to hide text in notepad

Trick To Hide Text In Notepad

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Today we are here with one more trick which is hide text inside the Notepad. This trick is very simple and easy to use. You just need to enter few commands only.

Now Just follow the steps as given below :- 

Step 1:- Open Command Prompt (Press Window Button and type CMD and press Enter)

Hide Text In Notepad

Step 2:- Type cd Desktop and press Enter. (This command will navigate to your Desktop)

Hide Text In Notepad

Step 3:- After that type notepad YourFileName.txt:hidden and press Enter. ( I am using TalkToGeekBro as my filename)

Hide Text in Notepad,

Step 4:- After pressing Enter a popup will appear that “Do you want to create a file” just click on “Yes”.

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Step 5 :- After Step 4, notepad will open. Just type your secret message and press Ctrl+S to save and close notepad and Command Prompt. (My message is shown in the following image.)

Hide Text In Notepad

Step 6:- Now go to Desktop and you will find a notepad file with your given file name (I used TalkToGeekBro as my file name as mentioned on Step 3). Just open that file and you will see nothing inside that file.

Hide Text in Notepad,

Step 7:- To see your hidden message do all the steps till step 3 and type same command notepad YourFileName.txt:hidden and press Enter and you will see your hidden secret message. (I used TalkToGeekBro as my file name)

Hide Text In Notepad

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