November 28, 2022
Use Computer As Wifi Hotspot

How To Use Computer As A Hotspot

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Today we are here with an important trick that how to use a PC as a Hotspot. We all share mobile data from one Mobile to other devices like Mobile, PC etc. and same we can use a PC as Hotspot. If you want to know that how to use a PC as a Hotspot then follow all the steps carefully.

We use free software called mHotspot. mHotspot is a completely free software. By using this software you can share single internet connection to many devices.

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Features ( As per mHotspot Official Website)

  • Connect upto 10 devices to the hotspot
  • You can set your own hotspot name without any restrictions
  • Share any type of Internet Connection(LAN, Ethernet,3G/4G,Wifi etc)
  • Android phones, ipads, PDAs, tablet-pcs and other devices can access
  • See the details of the connected device(Name, Ip Address, Mac Address)
  • See the network usage(Upload and Download Speed, Transfer Rates)
  • Secures your wireless hotspot with WPA2 PSK password security
  • Set max. number of devices that can be connected
  • Extends your Wifi range(Acts as a repeater)
  • In-app internet selection
  • Works with Windows 7, 8, & 10
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Now follow Step By Step –

Step 1:- Download and install mHotspot software.

Use Computer As Wifi Hotspot

Step 2:- After installation open it.

Use Computer As Wifi Hotspot

Step 3:- Write your Hotspot Name and Password then click on internet source and select your desire source of internet connection.

Use Computer As Wifi Hotspot

Step 4:- After selecting Internet Source click on Start Hotspot button. Now you can connect any device from this Hotspot.

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