November 28, 2022
Shake Phone To Turn On Flashlight

How To Turn On Flashlight By Shaking Your Phone

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Today we are here with one more interesting article in Android section. Which is turn on flashlight by shaking your phone.

There are many occasions like guiding yourself through your home during a blackout or on street during dark etc. when we need to use flashlight but there are two method to open your flashlight , first one is as we know to open your phone then snap on Torch option and second one is just shake your phone and that’s it.

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So if we are using smartphone then we should use it smartly. If someone gives me choice to choose between these two options, I will definitely choose second one and I know you all will also choose second one.

To turn On/Off the flashlight by shaking your phone, we use an app called Shake Flashlight. As it’s name shows this app allows users to turn on their phone’s flashlight on/off by making two chopping motions.

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Step 1. Download and install Shake Flashlight app on your android phone.

Turn On Flashlight By Shaking Your Phone

Step 2. After installation open app and it will ask you to grant a camera & photo permissions , Just snap on allow.

Turn On Flashlight By Shaking Your Phone

Step 3. Now turn On the ‘Shake Flashlight Off’ button and you have done.

Turn On Flashlight By Shaking Your Phone

After all steps just make two chopping motion as shown in the app to On/Off flashlight.

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Similarly if you want to open Camera just on the ‘Shake Camera Off’ button and Twist your wrist twice quickly to open the camera.

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