November 27, 2022
Convert Text Into Audio Using Notepad

Convert Text Into Audio Using Notepad

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Today we are here with one more amazing Notepad Trick which is “How to convert text into Audio using Notepad”. As we know Notepad is very common text editor but most of us don’t know about its amazing features. So here we will show you it’s one more amazing trick.

Basically we are going to create a text to audio converter using Notepad. You just need to simple copy/paste codes which will be given by us.

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Now Just follow the steps as given below :-

Step 1:- Open Notepad Program

Step 2:- Now Copy and Paste codes in Notepad which is given by us.

Convert Text Into Audio Using Notepad

Step 3:- After that goto File → Save As option and write filename as “Converter.hta” and select save as type to All files and click on Save button. (Converter is my filename, you may write yours)

Convert Text Into Audio Using Notepad

Step 4:- Now Just go to your desktop and you will find a HTML Application named “Converter”. Just open it and type your text and click on Listen button to listen your text.

Convert Text Into Audio Using Notepad

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